From Wimbourne, England
League British and Irish League
Founded 1312
Colours Yellow and Black

The Wimbourne Wasps are an English side that play in the British and Irish Quidditch League. They wear vetically striped robes of yellow and black. Their emblem is a wasp. They have won the British and Irish League eighteen times and have reached the European Cup semi-finals twice. Their fans are known as Stingers and attempt to distract opposing team's Chasers by making loud buzzing noises. The English international Beater, Ludo Bagman played for the club during the 1970s.

The team adopted the wasp as there emblem in the 1600s, after a match against the Appleby Arrows. During the game, a Wimbourne Beater batted a wasp's nest at the Appleby Arrows Seeker. The Seeker was stung so badly, he had to retire from the game.